If It Ain’t Broke…

Fine_Best Kind of Broken_TPThen don’t fix it. Isn’t that how that saying goes? Well, Best Kind of Broken, by Chelsea Fine, definitely didn’t need fixing. Book 1 in the Finding Fate Series has found its way into my heart and is helping 2015’s reading list get off to a good start.

Artist Sarah “Pixie” Marshall needed to get away for a while. She’s constantly reminded of the tragedy that struck six months ago and she just wants to forget. Her aunt owns an Inn and offers her room and board in exchange for her help in the kitchen. Figuring this is the perfect chance to get away from it all, Pixie moves into the East Wing and comes face to face with the person she couldn’t seem forget no matter how hard she tried..

Levi Andrews is running from everything. Away from home, away from school, away from football and away from her. He knows she hates him and he should apologize but would it be enough? Could she forgive him for what he did six months ago when he couldn’t even forgive himself?

Angsty much?? Hell yes it was and it was Fan-freaking-tastic! I love love loved this book. Like I literally couldn’t put it down. Ms. Fine writes these characters in such a way that you feel close to them. I love when I am reading a story and I am so into it that it plays out in my head like a movie (yeah I’m a little weird but so what). I felt so bad for Levi. The pain and guilt he walked around with on a daily basis was crippling. I wanted to give him a “mama” hug and tell him it was gonna be okay.

“This is Pixie. I shouldn’t want her. I don’t deserve her. I shouldn’t…I don’t…”

Pixie had moxie! Well…only when it didn’t involve Levi. She didn’t know whether to love him or hate him, neither was easy. The way they fought made me giggle especially when this happened:

“If I don’t get a hot shower tomorrow, I really will pee on his bed. Or at least find a cat to come pee on his bed. But either way, there will be urine on his sheets and I won’t feel bad about it.”

When they fought it was down right hilarious. I just loved these characters! All of them. The supporting characters, Jenna, Zack, Darren and Aunt Ellen were great too. So much so that of course I have One-Clicked book 2, “The Perfect Kind of Trouble”. Dammit these good authors aren’t helping my one-click addiction. Well folks 5 out of 5 stars for this one because

“you can’t be afraid of love. Love isn’t safe and life isn’t guaranteed” ~Jenna

To purchase Best Kind of Broken click here

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