Relaunch Review…OMG

lovessuicideI was given the opportunity to read Love’s Suicide in time for the book’s Paperback release. When I say emotionally draining, I mean Drano type draining. It’s going to be so hard for me to try to type this review without spoiling it; so I will keep it short and sweet because of that. Jennifer Foor did a fantastic job with this one. It took me a day after completing the book to figure out how the title tied into this story. The heroine seemed hell-bent on killing any type of love she could receive.

Katy and twins, Branch and Brooks, grew up next door to each other. They loved each other and were best friends until they weren’t. Puberty hit and so did emotions making them no longer friends but much more. Now she has to choose one but will she choose right?

This book had me shedding tears in the first 10%, jumping for joy at about 19-20%, freaking out at 22% back to crying at 30%. You get the picture. If follows these kids from childhood to adulthood and it does so in a way that you don’t feel like you’ve missed or skipped anything. Each character that this story brings to life is important to the plot and not a single one introduced can be considered a “co-star”. The roles they play in Katy’s life is so significant that you will remember each character and how they affected her and you. Deep. I know, especially for me, but this book will take you there.

There are a lot of decisions made that I don’t agree with. So many times I felt myself cursing at my Kindle because I couldn’t believe the choices that Katy made. She was such a wishy-washy character that I couldn’t decide if I loved or hated her. I loved Brooks, hated Branch, felt bad for/then hated Bobby. So many characters trying my emotions that I actually took 2 days to recoup from reading this book. I wouldn’t necessary call it a book was more like a “WTF just happened I need a minute” type read. So 4.5 stars for this great story, I would’ve went for 5 but I am still on the fence with Katy.

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