Damn CoHo & Tay Fish

I knew that after reading all Colleen Hoover’s books that I would Never look at love the same. I also knew that after reading Tarryn Fisher’s Mudvein, that my brain would Never be able to fully recoup from the mental triathlon that it took to read that book. And I KNEW that when I heard that there was a book they wrote together I would Never be able to not not read it. Well damn them! I read it. And damn them! I liked it. But…just damn them for being and awesome team!

neverneverSYNOPSIS: Charlize Wynwood and Silas Nash have been best friends since they could walk.  They’ve been in love since the age of fourteen. 

But as of this morning…they are complete strangers.Their first kiss, their first fight, the moment they fell in love…every memory has vanished. 
Charlize and Silas must work together to uncover the truth about what happened to them and why.  But the more they learn about the couple they used to be…the more they question why they were ever together to begin with.
He’ll do anything to remember. She’ll do anything to forget.
So I am sure I’ve made it perfectly clear about the auth-crush that I have on both of these women, but Huh?? Colleen Hoover’s books make you swoon, she can write the hell out of a love story. Tarryn Fisher’s make you say WTF!! And that is exactly how I feel right now after finishing this book…a mix of swoony-wtf. And just to be clear WTF can be used as why the f*ck and what the f*ck interchageably. I enjoyed the story. I enjoyed the mysteriousness of it all. I enjoyed Silas more than Charlize and want to know more about them both. But over all I want to know…more than anything is WHY!!! Why don’t they remember? Why is Charlize a borderline bitch? Why do I have to wait until May for book 2? WHY WHY WHY!!!!
4.5 out of 5 stars for this book, only because I had to wake up at 4:37am on a Sunday to write this review after needing a few hours to process what I just read. Damn literary geniuses get on my nerves.
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4 thoughts on “Damn CoHo & Tay Fish

  1. Chrissy says:

    Exactly.. WHY? LOL. I might be left more unsure feeling then Silas and Charlie… I do like Silas alot more. They were both different people before this started happening. So who knows who they really are and if they will ever go back there or this odd thing will just stop and they will be new better people. There is something odd with Charlie, i’m sure we will get more on that in the next book. We can obviously get the point already on the parents story line.


    • Lisa M. says:

      Hey Chrissy!! Yes but the parents I really want to know more about too..like did Charlie’s dad REALLY do it? Why the Silas have that file? Funny thing is the first thing I thought was did they switch bodies like on Freaky Friday?


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