My New Addiction

bodbuttonfixednoseHi, my name is Lisa and I’m a book-a-holic. I have a healthy obsession with books. I look at it as exercise for my brain and I don’t care if my husband doesn’t see it that way. I don’t care if he calls my Kindle a bigger cock-blocker than our 4-year-old. I just don’t care. However, this post isn’t about my healthy obsession but rather my unhealthy one, Book Blogs.

I guess you can say that Book Blogs are the gateway drug to my One-Click addiction. Next to that retched One-Click button, book blogs are my new demon. I can’t help but scourer them daily looking to see what is being recommended. Reading other people’s opinions on books I haven’t read, have yet to read or read already is my new vice. It’s gotten me in some trouble too. I’ve managed to download 13 new books in addition to the 300+ books that are already on my Kindle. I’ve actually had to use my Galaxy Tablet to put some items on because I am afraid of book overload on my Kindle. I even have the public library app on my Tab. books

There are so many good blogs out there (Aestas Book Blog is one of my fav) and I wish I had more hours in my day to devote to just reading and talking about it here, alas, I am also a lowly college student which means, homework, papers and studying. But I always manage to get at least a few hours of reading and maybe 30 mins to an hour to devote to writing about what I read here.

Another reason I love these Book Blogs is inspiration. I aspire to have a bunch of followers one day waiting to see what I will recommend next. I get that my posts aren’t long and have my brand of crazy injected into it so maybe one day I will appeal to the masses. Not that I don’t appreciate you guys. I know your flipping awesome and THANK YOU SO MUCH for putting up with me and my love of commas. No seriously I can write a mean run-on sentence just ask Mrs. Trenton, my 5th grade English teacher. But to know that my opinion matters to people and authors is totally awesome feeling and I love when an ARC shows up in my inbox or a publisher asks me to take part in a Blog Tour or Release Blast. I absolutely love bringing new books to readers.

So there you have it. They say the first step to over coming your addiction is admitting you have a problem. I don’t know if I want to over come this particular addiction although my wallet and husband may disagree.

One thought on “My New Addiction

  1. abibliophobictendencies says:

    OMG! I have the addiction as well. It really is a sweet addiction.
    Don’t worry I LOVE reading book blogs as well.
    Its so awesome seeing what people who have the same taste as you are reading. I also love discovering book bloggers with opposite taste as mine so I can discover new gems. I love the book blogging community.
    books are the best addiction out there!


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