Just Wondering?

 I am in no way, shape or form an author. I don’t think I’m creative enough to come up with characters, plots and meaningful dialogue; at least not anything anyone would want to buy. Which is why I love immersing myself into the wonderful world of books. I’ve read sad stories, scary stories, romantic stories, mysteries etc. But of course my favorite is romance. I absolutely adore it. But realistic sex-filled romance. Okay, maybe not “realistic” but at least human because I’m still not sold on paranormal sex…freaks me out.

But what I am really wondering is how authors come up with their stuff? I know every idea isn’t original and I know some people draw from others while some draw from real life experiences. However, lately I’ve had a sense of déjà vu when I read book descriptions. Do publishers say, “Hey, you know that billionaire CEO’s are hot now maybe your next book should be about that,” or “College virgins being deflowered by the bad boy with a soft side run with that.” Do authors read other books and think, “I could do this story better,” and just rework what they read?

I am sure it’s either a combination of all the above or possible none of the above. I guess what really amazes me is how some authors seem to keep it fresh each and every time. Regardless of the formula or what’s “hot”. These authors have my utmost respect. I’ll continue to read and write my ramblings here and hopefully you will continue to appreciate my insanity for what it is. That and my love of commas.

So with all that, what I want to know is…are there any story lines out there that you are sick of reading?

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