One Week…

From today (2/13) I will be sitting in a darkened theater in my gray patterned tie hoping and praying that this movie is so good I won’t feel cheated out of the $18 it cost me for the ticket. One week from today my husband will be waiting at home HOPING I am REALLY happy with this movie as the books benefited him immensely. And finally one week from today I am sure E.L. James will be laughing all the way to the MOTHER-FREAKIN-BANK because there is not a woman on the planet that will be at home this Valentines weekend, we will all be engrossed in Christian Grey..

All three trailers with additional scenes featuring a cover version of “Crazy In Love”

Purchase movie tickets through Fandango Here

Purchase 50 Shades of Grey on Amazon here

5 thoughts on “One Week…

  1. Keyanna Butler says:

    It probably sounds weird but I’m most excited to see how the ending is going to play out on the big screen. I hope it isn’t watered down. Its heartbreaking and I really want to see that heartbreak.


  2. Brandi Franklin says:

    I’m definitely excited to see how well Jamie and Dakota can pull off Christian and Ana… that sizzling chemistry…the love! And definitely the red room! Gahhhh…I’m so excited!


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