One Week…

From today (2/13) I will be sitting in a darkened theater in my gray patterned tie hoping and praying that this movie is so good I won’t feel cheated out of the $18 it cost me for the ticket. One week from today my husband will be waiting at home HOPING I am REALLY happy with this movie as the books benefited him immensely. And finally one week from today I am sure E.L. James will be laughing all the way to the MOTHER-FREAKIN-BANK because there is not a woman on the planet that will be at home this Valentines weekend, we will all be engrossed in Christian Grey..

All three trailers with additional scenes featuring a cover version of “Crazy In Love”

Purchase movie tickets through Fandango Here

Purchase 50 Shades of Grey on Amazon here

5 thoughts on “One Week…

  1. It probably sounds weird but I’m most excited to see how the ending is going to play out on the big screen. I hope it isn’t watered down. Its heartbreaking and I really want to see that heartbreak.


  2. I’m definitely excited to see how well Jamie and Dakota can pull off Christian and Ana… that sizzling chemistry…the love! And definitely the red room! Gahhhh…I’m so excited!


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