Five Days Of Fifty…Day 1

That’s right! You all will probably be sick of me by Friday because this week I will be bombarding you with all thing Fifty. This book holds a lot of firsts for me. I always loved reading but for so long I had didn’t have time or just put it off, opting to be on the computer or watching TV instead. Now my social media is almost non-existent unless I am talking about, reading about, or trolling for new books to read. And it all started 12/2013 when my MOTHER handed me her Kindle and said read Fifty Shades of Grey. She opened a can of worms that can not be contained now. I’ve read so many books in this past year it’s crazy. My husband despises my Kindle..Oh well.


So I will start Day 1 with Christian T. Grey. HOLY HOTNESS BATMAN. This man was my first introduction to a book boyfriend, I mean I had a semi crush on Edward Cullen, but I wanted Christian on a whole ‘nother level. Up to this point I had never read a scene so hot I needed a shower after reading it. So I guess that makes him my Book Husband because he is the one I will always come back to. ALWAYS.

Now when I heard they were making this book into a movie I was DEVASTATED…at first. Very few books that hollywood adapts into movies do well, at least in my opinion. I always love the book more. There are just somethings that happen in the book that either gets cut or “won’t translate well” on-screen. Then you have marketability, will the studio make their money back and that alone is enough to just ruin a movie. Not to mention the cast. I loved Twilight but I just was NOT feeling Kristen Stewart, she was Bella as far as looks but her acting left much to be desired.

So back to Christian. When they started casting for this movie I was a bit disturbed. I loved Sons of Anarchy and I think Charlie Hunnam is very handsome but there was no way in the world I would have cast him as Christian Grey. He just didn’t have it and when he dropped out I was relieved. Then there was a bunch of buzz about Mat Boomer, who again, I love in White Collar and is also very handsome but could this openly gay man pull off the hot, sexy, dominant Christian Grey? Not that being gay diminishes his acting skills, he kisses plenty of women in White Collar, however, this movie is 80% sexual and I just don’t think watching him try to make it with an actress for 120 minutes would have done it for me…or anyone else for that matter. But finally after waiting with bated breath they announced on October 24, 2013 that actor Jamie Dornan will officially be Christian Grey.

I thought…Who the hell is Jamie Dornan? So I took to the internet, like every else, and Googled him. Hey it’s the guy from Once Upon A Time!! I remember him..yup, the Sheriff. He’s cute..JAMIE DORNAN

I also found out that he was a model for Calvin Klein. Yup, absolutely hot enough to be photographed in is skivvies; which is a definite plus considering naked Christian in my mind made me drool and in constant need of a panty change.


So here’s 5 things to know about Mr. Dornan:

  1. He’s a May baby..May 1, 1982
  2. He’s married…damn
  3. He’s accents
  4. He played in a hot
  5. He loves Tequila …BODY SHOTS!

So there you have it Ladies & Gents. Christian Grey and I can’t wait until Friday to see this movie. As my girl Paige would say…”Just 4 more sleeps Lisa, 4 more sleeps” So until then I will see you in my dreams, Christian..Laters baby!


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