Five Days of Fifty…Day 2


Lil Dakota Fanning is gonna be in Fifty Shades? Oh HELL NO!

Yeah that was me when I first heard Dakota Johnson was going to play Anastasia Steele in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie. I had never seen a movie she was in and every time I heard the name Dakota I thought of Dakota Fanning. Come on I can NOT be the only one.


So I guess you’ve figured out tonight I am discussing Ana. I loved Ana. I loved her inner thoughts and her crazy dancing subconscious. I loved that she was weak yet strong, innocent yet freaking, needy yet independent. She gave as good as she got and never let him forget that she was a person. A person that loved him flaws and all. She was that balance that so many authors try to obtain when they write female characters but don’t get quite right. The only thing I wish she would’ve been the one to slap Elena. She so needed it, but I was content with the drink to the face.

Just 3 more sleeps!!

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