Five Days of Fifty…Day 4

OH MY GOD JUST ONE MORE DAY!! That’s right in one day I am going to be sitting in a dark theater in my Christian Grey patterned silver that brings us to day 4.


So with that said, Day 4 is all about the Red Room of Pain/Pleasure. That room scared the begeezus out of me…at first. When I heard BDSM I decided to Google it and boy did I come up with some stuff. Dear god don’t hit images unless you are prepared!! I always considered myself open-minded but some of the things I saw had me clutching my pearls.

redroommemeA lot of people in the “scene” bagged heavily on Fifty Shades because it wasn’t authentic when calling itself a BDSM novel, well guess what… I loved the softy-stuff. I loved the way E.L. James wrote the scenes. She didn’t make it so rough that you felt weird or turned off by what you read but rather it was so erotically written that it had you ready to build a Red Room of your own.


I am excited to see this play out on-screen, I am hoping it is as sexy and mind blowing as it was in the book. I am hoping Jamie Dornan has his jeans “slung in that way” that his man V will be in my dreams all night. And I am equally hoping that you all stocked up on your prophylactic because I predict a baby boom in November/December 2015

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