Five Days of Fifty…Day 5!!!’s here! It’s Here! IT. IS. HERE. That’s right folks I am going to see the much-anticipated 50 Shades of Grey tonight at 10pm with my Facebook Book Club. Love those ladies. Today is about Anticipation.

An*tic*i*pa*tionnoun the action of anticipating something; expectation or prediction.

I can’t think of anything that I’ve been so excited to for in a long long time. So these are my top 3 expectations for this movie:

  • lots of hot sweaty sex…of course that WOULD  be MY number 1
  • great story line…the book was pretty freaking awesome, I mean hell, E.L. James has sold MILLIONS of copies of this book.
  • good acting…notice I said good and not great, keeping my fingers crossed for this one. I’ve never seen Dakota Johnson in anything and I’ve only seen Jamie on TV shows which are totally different than movies. Like TOTALLY. Some actors can’t make the switch, every time I see Joey from Friends in a movie he sucks. He will forever be just dumb ass Joey from Friends

So folks I of course will write my first ever movie review! I’m going to wait to post it until Sunday hopefully most will have seen it by then. I will not try not to spoil it for you. I have a few books I’ve read but I have been too keyed up about this movie to focus on writing about them. So for the last time enjoy this 50 Shades trailer and tell me what your expectations for the movie are. Who knows, I have a few Amazon Gift cards lying around…maybe I’ll give a few away to fans that comment on what they expect or if you’ve seen the movie already give me one sentence you would use to describe the movie!

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