Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Review

*************************************************  SPOILERS BELOW I’M SO SORRY***********************************************************

I know I am supposed to be spoiler free…and I am for the most part but this is a movie and not a book. On some levels that may be considered “semantics” but whatev…this is my blog and dammit!

fifty00Friday night a few great ladies and I went to see our beloved book, Fifty Shades of Grey, in all its cinematic glory. I will break down the good, the bad and the ugly of it all.

The Good Dakota Fanning..oops I mean Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele was absolute genius. This girl can act and brought this wonderful character to life. She had her look, her mannerisms, her sweet timid voice she even had her “hair” if you know what I mean. This woman committed and did a fantastic job and couldn’t have been better cast. PERIOD. I also loved Jamie Dornan as Christian. He isn’t what I pictured in my head but he was damn close and after seeing his perfect ass he has now replaced said image forever. He was also great IMO his accent slipped a few times but that was okay with me. Who doesn’t love an accent any way? The man is sex on legs and if anyone says he’s not they are a goddamned liar. His man V has forever been singed in my brain. The set(s) were great and I loved his apartment. I didn’t see the “lack” of chemistry that everyone was complaining about; they seemed to look great on-screen. The sex was hot, the banter funny and the red room was as dark and sexy as it was in the books. The movie translated well and the soundtrack is the BOMB!

The Bad – The lack of details. Little small things that wouldn’t have made the movie longer but things that people who read the book would notice. For instance, Christian always wore the top button undone on his playroom jeans. Top button not undone, depriving me of the love trail view. christian He also had a tendency of running his hands through his hair. No finger-hair running, maybe that was a stylist request? Also Christian was very jealous/possessive in the book. In the movie, they didn’t give him a reason to be jealous or possessive. Ana’s interaction with Paul Clayton didn’t translate on-screen. In the book Paul was handsome and coming home from college with his arms possessively around Ana when she introduced him to Christian, in the movie Paul was some odd-ball looking dude with a store-room apron on asking Ana to help him…that didn’t happen and it didn’t give Christian a reason to think they could be dating. The photo shoot should have had Ana and Jose` interacting a bit more, instead she talked to Kate, again no reason for Christian to assume that she was dating Jose`jamie4nov14 Also Ana was a little insecure because she was plain ol brown hair mousey Ana, not someone the sexy billionaire would look twice at. She definitely was not hot like all the model blondes that worked in his office; yet the only blonde was his assistant. And don’t get me started with the dinner scene. This was the biggest disappointment for me. This scene was supposed to show his family,give us a glimpse at how he felt he didn’t fit in with their perfectness (is that a word?) and show more of how shy and timid Ana was in comparison. It fell completely flat. The maid looked more like a Swiss child bride instead of the hottie that kept rubbing against Christian and making googly eyes at him. The conversations at the table were all over the place, Mia barely spoke and the little French she did mutter didn’t stop the conversations going on at the table allowing her bond with Christian to show when he smiles and lets her know she slipped into French in the middle of conversation. AND Kate didn’t piss Christian off by letting the beans spill about Ana going to Georgia to see her mom. However, the BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT for me was the boathouse scene, when she asks him not to spank her there, while is family was around and he falters. To me this was important because you can see that he is fighting his nature and succumbing to how much he cares for her, how much she is changing him.

The Ugly – Elliott and Jose` they weren’t even close to attractive. Ugh.  Also the last scene, when Christian shows her “how bad if can be”. That was hard to watch. A lot harder than it was to read.hqdefault

So overall the movie was great. I liked it a lot and I think they did an overall good job with it. I will see it again and buy the DVD’s because I’m nuts like that. Sort of like my Twilight obsession. I have all the books and all the movies. But before you head off to the cinema let me say this; if you have NOT read the books you will not like the movie. You won’t get it and it will come off as some dude just wanting to bang and whip this unknowing virgin.

So that’s it for my first movie review. Hope I did it justice and I hope I didn’t ruin it for you guys. Those of you that saw the movie this weekend, what did you think? Like it? Loved it? Hated it?

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