Hate that I love you

Dear Lisa’s Kindle,

     By the time you read this letter I hope you are charged to 100% as I will be turning you on shortly. But the real reason I am writing this letter is to let you know that I hate how much I love you, every time I turn you on you never disappoint me. I hate that you distract me and I end up cramming for tests. I hate that I can’t get a full night’s sleep because you keep calling me like a drug, needing to read just one more chapter before I go to bed. I hate that dinner has been crock pot creations because I would rather read then cook. I hate that you’re not water proof and I can’t take you in the shower with me. And most of all I hate that I can’t live without you. You consume me. I am a powerless slave to you.

Love Always,


Has there ever been a book you stayed up all night to read? If so what book was it?

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