Stone Walls…Review


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Stone Walls Synopsis: Benjamin Stone has an unrealistic determination to rid the streets of New York from any and all drug dealing scum. That determination quickly moves him and his partner, Rob Withers, up the ranks to Senior Narcotics Agents within their precinct. A new case assisting the FBI has Ben facing the ghosts of his past. Those same ghosts are the very reason he moved to New York to become a cop.

Ella Parker is bright, beautiful, kind, and severely damaged as a result of one tragic night in her past. Having lived an idealistic life, that horrific night sent her pretty castle of cards crumbling down. Forced to start over, she leans on her best friend, Andrea Hensen, to help her move on. With Andrea’s help, Ella quickly settles into her new life in New York City. It’s a safe and comfortable existence, albeit very boring.

Their paths may have never crossed, if it hadn’t been for their meddling best friends. Rob and Andrea believe that Ben and Ella are soul mates that were meant to be together, a perfect match. There’s one slight problem. Ben and Ella want no part of this matchmaking scheme. Funny thing about fate, it’s inevitable.

Review: I had the opportunity to review an Advanced Copy of Stone Walls, by A. M. Madden, and I liked it. The book is written from both characters points of view and that always helps because you are never left wondering how the other thinks.

Ben was the typical Alpha Male cop who didn’t believe in love but boy did he have a reason not to. I loved that he was honest and that he didn’t have his heart-broken by some chick when he swore off love. He did, however, have his heart broken it just isn’t in the typical way. He was protective and seductive which is always a great BBF trait.

Ella wasn’t your typical damsel in distress and I loved that about her. She had a horrific thing happen to her but instead of withdrawing into herself she sought help, picked herself up and moved on. Not to say that what happened didn’t affect her, but I hate when characters let tragedy completely rule their lives. Her strength and vulnerability was balanced and that, to me, was so admirable, especially when it comes to female leads. The smut was at a minimum but that was okay considering the story itself was good. I did think that the “connection” they had, other than the love connection, was a bit far-fetched but what do I know about mob bosses?! Um…nothing. So 4 stars for this cop story!

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    • Lisa M. says:

      some audio books suck monkey yourself a favor and listen to the sample first because I’ve come across quite a few duds and ended cracking up at a supposedly sexy scene. I will say this Tangled by Emma Chase and the Crossfire Series by Sylvia Day are GREAT on audio

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