The Other Brother WTF…Review


The other brother is a tag team series of three novellas written by Lauren Hawkeye and Tawny Stokes. I was excited to read this because of the blurb and my love for Penelope Ward’s Stepbrother Dearest. Well “step brothers” is the only comparison to Ms. Ward’s book I will be making.


     I really wanted to like this story and book 1, I loved. It sets up everything and the authors did a great job of that. The book focuses on a blended family that lives in Galveston. Allegra (like the Allergy medicine) and her biological brother Theo live with their dad and Stepmother Dinah. Seth Thorne, Dinah’s son came to live with them after being thrown out by his dad for his anger management issues. Allegra is immediately smitten. He is sexy as hell with steel grey eyes (rolls eyes). He ignores her, sleeps around and parties all the time, at least that’s what she thinks. Seth is secretly crushing herbaby Allie just as hard but of course hooking up with you step-sibling is completely frowned upon.

Only thing is…Seth isn’t the only brother that wants to sleep with Allie. Gross, but intriguing right?!! I was all in  at this point. Especially the end, the cliff hanger here was great…see Seth beat up Theo to within an inch of his life because of something he said about Allie. Seth goes to jail and the family spirals out of control.

     Then we get book 2, this is when shit starts to roll down hill. Fast forward six years and we are back in Galveston with Allie as she is working out in the gym. She still has the hots for her naughty step-brother but it’s more of a love/hate thing. She hates that she still loves him. He left her, beat the shit out of her brother and he never told anyone why. She lost her mind afterward turning to drinking and sleeping around the deal with the changes. Yeah old girl sucks off the entire football team in the parking lot of the high school, WTF?!!? I guess people cope in their own ways I just don’t see how spending at least an hour on your knees in the parking lot equates..but who knows maybe she had knee pads and it wasn’t that bad. Anyway, she goes to AA and sees a therapist and this is where I lost my shit. The therapist suggests she go to a BDSM club to learn to work on her control issues. WTF!! Um…excuse me…are you serious right now. What kind of therapist tells you the cure for sexual deviant behavior is to go to a place that promotes sexual deviant behavior just in a controlled safe manner. Again WTF?!! Was there a prescription written? Does the BDSM club need a referral? Do they accept her insurance? I mean come on. So she ends up at the club blind folded ready to be some random dudes sub.

     Seth is back on Galveston. He’s been keeping an eye on the release of Theo, who’s had some serious legal troubles since being released from the hospital. Oh did I mention that Seth is now a billionaire…because every BDSM story needs a sexy, giant cock wielding billionaire! *Sigh* he still holds a thing for Allie and he doesn’t want her brother to hurt her which he is sure he will do. He plans to secretly watch her and keep her safe until he can get rid of the brother. He ends up at the club because he needs to work off some pent-up frustration, guess who his sub ends up being…yup you guessed it. He makes her cum after finding out her safe word is Thorn and she takes off her blindfold. Oh dear Lord. He leaves she goes home to try to deal with what just happened and comes face to face with her douche bag brother, Theo. Allie feels something is off with him but doesn’t know what. He’s changed since going to jail and it creeps her out. Seth still doesn’t tell her the real reason he is back in town he just randomly shows up places. Book 2 ends with the brother fucking up Seth’s car in the hotel parking lot telling him to stay away from what’s his.

Book 3 picks up here and I’m just gonna breeze through this…Theo answers Allie’s phone when Seth calls and gives him this cryptic message like he’s got Allie tied up or something. Seth rushes to the house and Allie is fine, he tells the dad, Theo and Allie he’s not leaving unless Allie leaves with him. The dad, who still doesn’t know what’s going on, is furious. All he knows is Seth broke up his family and caused all these issues. Allie agrees to stay with Seth, she will meet him at the hotel after she calms things down at the house. She knows something wrong with Theo but she is chalking it up to him being in jail and trying to adjust. She goes to the hotel to be with Seth, they have hot sweaty monkey sex and then she goes to the hotel gym to work out. Theo kidnaps her from the gym and takes her to some abandoned house. He tries to convince her that she is his they fight and beat each other up she escapes and Seth finds her running in the street. The police pull up behind Seth, Theo goes to jail and Seth proposes…the end.

Again..WTF?!? This started out great but then took a wrong turn at Albuquerque, again I loved book 1 but the series fell off 82061-bigafter that so 2.5 stars for this attempt. Damn I wanted to love this…

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