Three Simple Rules…Review

Holy Hot Shit Batman!! This book needs to be added to everyone’s TBR list now!! Not now. RIGHT. NOW.

3I don’t know how I stumbled upon this book but thank you 8lbs 11oz new-born baby Jesus!! I am not going to give you a Synopsis, I am going straight into this review…

Review: Evelyn “Evie”, is a the woman! I love her character so much. She was a little naïve but not to the point of idiocy and annoyance. She was a little prudish until her sexual awakening and boy did she rise to the occasion. Logan was the sexy ass man who woke her up. The sex in this book was so damn hot I had to change my panties, take a shower and call my husband because I’ll be damned if I was gonna let a book character have all the fun.

This book was the real deal..The story was great it didn’t drag on, the sex was excessive but done so in a way that you couldn’t wait to get to the next scene. 5 stars folks. This was damn good and it was only $.99 so you better click on the buy link!

Three Simple Rules..Amazon

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