My Fifty Shades Fix

hqdefaultI have one at least once a week. I actually have a Google alert set up to let me know if there is any new “news”. I’m only interested in the good stuff not the stupid gossipy stuff that you can tell is crap straight away. So this is what I got this week I figure I’d share my thoughts on it all:

  • Sam Taylor is out as director officially as of last Wednesday, which sucks because I was so hoping that I didn’t have to wait another 1+ for the second movie but knowing how the machine that is Hollywood works they are going to ride this baby until the wheels fall off! So if that means keeping us panting to make more $$$ then so be it
  • Speaking of panting word on the street is that there will be an unrated version on the DVD/Blu-Ray released on May 1st. *clears throat* what does unrated entail? Will I see peen in this version? Is the missing boat sex scene going to magically appear? Sadly not, however, let me hop on my soap box real quick…

” Damn you all for not showing me some penis in this movie after having to read about how glorious the penis that belongs to Mr. Christian Grey is I expected just a little shot. Maybe from the side…hell it could’ve been a stunt penis if Mr. Dornan was too shy to show the twig & berries. christian

I mean hell you used CGI to give Dakota some vag hair, which by the way was gross, and yet there was no doggone peen anywhere to be seen! For crying out loud I know what tits and snatch look like I see it every day in the shower!

And where was my boat house scene!! How in the hell could you cut out the 1 scene…ONE. SCENE. that showed how Ana was effecting Christian’s ability to stay in control and be the Dom that he believed he was. That scene showed just how much she was changing him and you didn’t even do it justice!! Damn you. Book 2 is my favorite of the series don’t f*ck it up!”

okay I’m done.

  • Also, Forbes is reporting that E.L James wants to do the screen play for the second movie. I am sure being an author and a screenwriter are completely different but hell I am just a lowly amateur blogger so wtf do I know. Just don’t hold up the movie Ms. James being an ass. I know Fifty is your baby but at some point you’ve got to cut the cord.

So what do you think? Who’s your dream Villain cast for Darker (Elena, Layla and Jack Hyde)?

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