Neighbors From Hell!!

So I have been told by several people to read Bright Side by Kim Holden. Apparently it is a tear jerker and I am NOT ready to cry. I do love emotional reads but I just don’t think I am mentally ready to cry over a book just yet..It’s my birthday month for Pete’s Sake so I am holding off for as long as I can, even thought I know Paige is gonna eventually kill me.

Now what I have read are the books of the Neighbor From Hell Series and so far I have read the first 3. I simply LOVE these books. I have laughed my ass off, gotten a little hot under the collar, laughed some more and swooned all in the 3 days that it took me to read these three books. It’s gonna be hard to write about these without spoiling them so I am going to just say a little about each one.

******************* Each one can be read as a standalone but some of the characters re-occur.********************************

11381643The first book is Playing for KeepsDone with being the world’s biggest pushover, Haley decides that things are going to start changing. The first thing that she was going to do was to put a stop to all the crap that her aggravating neighbor put her through. What she hadn’t expected was to be sucked into his world, but Haley has a game plan and she won’t let herself forget what the bad boy next door is capable of.
The last thing that Jason expected was for his shy little neighbor to go Rambo on him over some ruined flowers, but he quickly got over it once he realized exactly what he’d been missing. After he decides to take her under his wing, he can’t help but notice how nicely she fits in his life. Now the only thing left to do was to convince her that this is anything but a game.

This started my love of this series. Jason has me in tears the entire time. I don’t know how Haley didn’t kill him and his friends but their courtship is freaking awesome. I enjoyed the banter between Jason and Haley. When she finally decides to stand up for herself he agrees to be her Mr. Miagi to her Daniel-son even nicknamed her his “little grasshopper.” The only thing I still don’t understand is Jason’s obsession with food, that man can put it away. You’ll get it when you read the book! 5 stars for this start to the series. Now on sale for .99 on Amazon click Here

12351649Next is PerfectionZoe is used to taking care of herself and has long ago accepted that if anything bad was going to happen, it was going to happen to her. So when she loses her job over something most bosses would probably be happy with and her life starts going down hill from there she doesn’t expect it to get any better. She certainly didn’t expect any help from the loud jerk next door, but then again she has nothing to lose so puts her trust in him and hopes for the best. What she didn’t expect was the once in a lifetime opportunity that he offers her through an arrangement where they both benefit and no one is supposed to get hurt, but she should have known better because her luck has never been that good.
Like most Bradfords, Trevor has a soft spot for food, but that’s about all. He leads a pretty straightforward life and likes to keep things simple and that includes his relationships. He wants the perfect woman and knows exactly what she’ll be like. So when he discovers much to his horror that he’s thinking about his frumpy little neighbor he decides the best way to get his head straight is by working her out of his system. He’ll keep her around, but only until he finds perfection.

I loved that this book’s heroine isn’t perfect. She isn’t a size 6 model she has curves. I love curves..I have curves. Curvy girls ROCK!! Anyway…this book was good but not as funny as book 1. I did giggle but I was a little put off by how Trevor kept mentioning how “frumpy” that Zoe was. But he redeemed himself as the story goes and I love how Trevor grows. This one may have been my lease favorite of the 3 I read but at 4.5 stars that ain’t too bad. This is also .99 so you might as well click here and read it

13624367And finally the last book I read, but not the last in the series, was CheckmateThere’s nothing worse than living next door to your childhood nemesis, except maybe being forced to share your dream project with him, being blackmailed into going along with something that was just wrong on so many levels, and having your hot cocoa stolen by the person that drove you to drink it in the first place.
As long as she has plenty of hot cocoa, a pair of pliers on hand and is able to resist Connor O’Neil’s bad boy charm then Rory James should be able to make it through this project with her sanity intact. If not…..
She’d probably face a few more nights in jail, have a few more restraining orders slapped against her and lose her heart to the man that ruined her life.

This one was my favorite I couldn’t stop laughing. These two hated each other SOOOO much it was ridiculous. The pranks they pulled, the fights they got into and constant bickering had me in stitches. And even though they aren’t “Bradfords” that doesn’t stop my boys Jason (book 1) & Trevor (book 2) from making an appearance and causing a ruckus when they do. This was a 5 star read for me and this one, too, is .99 Here

I loved all 3 of these books and can’t wait to finish the series with book 4, Truce, and book 5, The Game Plan.

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