The Best Book of 2015 So Far…

Yup I am claiming it right now!! I’ve read several books so far this year and this book is by far the best I’ve read in 2015. The Virgin Romance Novelist by Meghan Quinn is so funny, quirky, romantic and just…EVERYTHING. I enjoyed this book so much that I considered spoiling it. Seriously, I will do my best to not spoil it. I sincerely promise to try. Notice I said TRY

91CXEWVbowL._SL1500_Her bosom heaved at an alarming rate as his rough hand found its way down to her soft, yet wiry briar patch…
Can you say briar patch in a romance novel? What about meat sword? That’s what it is…a meat sword, right, all meaty and sword like, slaying through the inner dungeons of a woman’s dark desires. What about breasts? Do bosoms really heave?
God, I have no idea what happens when private parts touch.
I’m a virgin trying to write a romance novel and can’t seem to write past a sex scene thanks to my lack of experience.
My two best friends encourage me to drop the pen for a while and gain some real life practice through multiple dating facets such as blind dates, online profiles, and random hookups.
But losing my virginity is proving to be tougher than expected…

As you can see from the blurb this book is f*cking hilarious. Funny thing is I often wondered where in the world some of these authors come up with their descriptions for said body parts and their functions. But “briar patch” WTF is that anyway? I seriously Googled it (don’t judge me). So Rosie is our virgin romance novelist and I am in love with her. She is so naïve and at some points I found myself rolling my eyes thinking that in the age of Google there is no way she is this damn foolish. Her inner monologue had me laughing so hard I was literally crying tears it was that funny. I’m talking serious laugh out loud randomly, mascara ruining, had to take my Kindle to the car because my boss was sick of me laughing kind of funny.

Rosie’s two best friends and roommates Delaney and Henry decide they are going to help her lose her virginity so when she writes about it in her novel she will not only have first hand knowledge she will be able to describe a vagina a little better than briar patch or a lady’s pleasure garden or sweet lady folds. Seriously who does that??!!

*****SEMI SPOILER ALERT**** To test the waters they decide to give Rosie her first vibrator..a bullet. This was my first LOL experience with this book and it was only chapter 2.

Sweat continued to form on my skin, as I thought about the consequences of having a vibrator stuck in my vagina; this could not be happening. I was not about to go to the doctor to have him pull a vibrator out of me, so I stood up, lifted my shirt up so I could look at what I was doing and spread my legs like a Sumo wrestler. “Come on, you little bitch,” I swore, as I jumped up and down in my squatted position wishing my vagina would stop contracting around the damn thing.

Yeah so you can see where this is going. I love all her first experiences and how she journals them. Some of the stuff I could totally relate to while others just seemed like something out of an episode of Girls. This book was fantastically funny. I don’t know how else to explain it without going into to great detail. I love all the characters even the ball-licking cat she so affectionately nicknamed Sir-Licks-A-Lot. Each character was fun to read and Henry was the simply the best. I fell in love with him a little more when he offered to “hold her hair” (you have to read it to understand).

So 5++++ stars for this romantic comedy that had made it to my Top Ten of 2015 list as book #1

To purchase The Virgin Romance Novelist by Meghan Quinn click here

13 thoughts on “The Best Book of 2015 So Far…

  1. Nathalie Raven says:

    hmm embarrassing moment,
    well I was at club and a guy flirted with me so I flirted back, or atleast I though he was flirting with me but it turns out he was flirting with the girl at the table behind me. Afterwards I turned red as a tomato. LOL

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  2. Cheryl says:

    At a party in college I was wasted (yes, typical i know). I was having a grand ‘ol time! Of coarse there was an amazingly hot guy….we started chatting…sometime later we started making out. Of coarse I had to go pee. When I came out of the restroom I saw hot guy again! He started eying me and of coarse we start chatting again. We make our way to the patio and he starts kissing me again. It doesn’t get too heated . We make our way around the party and get split up. Next thing I know I think I’m seeing double! Outside (by the keg) are TWO of them. I kid you not.
    Come to find out when I came out of the restroom It wasn’t the same super hot guy it was his freaking twin! I made out with the hot twins! I was mortified back then because I wasn’t that type of girl and didn’t want people to think I was some skeeze! Now…I love the story and think how awesome it was! Those were the good ‘ol days 🙂

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  3. Charilene Lucas says:

    At a reception this guys was making eye contact with me. I went to the bar with him right behind me. It turns out, he wanted me to introduce him to my girlfriend. I was a little bit embarrassed but I never let on that I thought he wanted to talk to me. Turns out he was bad news anyway.

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  4. Wendy Callahan says:

    Just saying, that Terry person didn’t post an embarrassing moment. Hahaha! So… How to pick, how to pick… Some years ago, while at club, I asked a beefy bouncer if he could pick me up, wanting him to raise me above his head. Well, he struggled and barely got my head above his. Not sure who was more embarrassed.

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  5. lambert715 says:

    So my sexy embarrassing moment…me & the hubby went out to have some fun, I had a few drinks and felt frisky. We went to our old high school (which had been closed for years) and parked on a loading dock to have some hanky panky time. We all apparently we tripped an alarm where we parked & the police came. They thought it was a prostitution situation. Thank goodness we had the same last name on our ID’s! They let us go with a warning!!

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  6. Nina says:

    The only story I have is very high school (mainly because it was back in high school) when I was crushing big time on this guy who seemed just so unattainable. He was in a band and a year older and just ran in different circles. So one day I was gushing to my best friend about him only to realize that – of course – he was standing around the corner eavesdropping the whole time. I will never forget that shit eating grin on his face. It never worked out between us but we became pretty good friends 🙂

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