Hey good people!! I am back from Hollyweird and I had the time of my life! No…seriously…I had a fucking ball.

We (my sister and two best friends) did everything from walking on the pier, listening to a busker band named “Jesus Rocks” but played John Mayer’s Your Body is a Wonderland, AND I found Alejandro. He’s no Nick Bateman but this man was fine as wine and he had the sexiest eyelashes. Yes I said eyelashes…they did this cute little curl and made him look like a doll and I just wanted to stare into his brown eyes all night. Oh did I mention he had an ass you could bounce quarters off of..yes his ass was simply marvelous!!

I don’t remember much of that night, Friday April 17th, but from the picture and video footage I’ve gathered the following

  • I took 4 shots straight
  • I had several “sponsors” for the night that refused to let my friends buy me drinks
  • I got a piggy-back ride to the bathroom by a bouncer
  • I hula hooped and my boobs almost made an appearance
  • I LOVED everyone
  • I cursed out the prick with the “list” who was at the door
  • I almost kissed a stranger
  • And finally I passed out on the toilet back in the room with my head on the toilet paper roll.

No shame people, we are all friends here! So with that said let’s give some stuff away!! I have a Hollywood Tote Bag with some pretty cool souvenirs inside as well as the Kindle Edition of Colleen Hoover’s Never Never 2 for you…

Click the link and enter to win http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/14ae54882/

And we drove past Ellen’s house, she has an awesome security gate LMBO