Monday Fifty Shades Fix…

hqdefaultIt’s close people…Fifty Shades of Grey is on its way to DVD/Blu-Ray (May 8) just in time for Mother’s Day!! Can you just see the excitement on the faces of horny mothers everywhere when they open up that box! Hahahahaha, I know I’ve already told my husband that I would like the UNRATED blu-ray version of said film and an afternoon to myself. That, ladies, is mommy heaven!

So in other Fifty Shades News…it’s being reported by CNN that good ol E.L. James has enlisted her husband, who has screenwriter experience, to write the script for Fifty Shades Darker. This gives keeping it in the family a new meaning, hell the 1st movie made $568.8 million world-wide can you imagine her cut in that? Now that hubby is in the mix they are about to be rolling in the dough, I wonder if she’ll ever write another book?

1234The good news, we have a writer so let’s get started, bad news..we will be waiting a tad bit longer to get our next fix. Ok TAD may be the wrong word. We have to wait a freaking long ass time before we get the next movie. It’s being reported that Darker will be released on 2/10/2017 and Freed on 2/9/2018 WTF people, seriously what part of strike while the iron’s hot don’t they understand. This movie made a shit ton of money and that was mainly due to curiosity a little under 2 yrs to wait for the next movie is ludicrous. And more bad news..there probably will not be any peen seen in this film either. Which is a crock of crap, because the way she describes this perfect piece of anatomy in the book it’s criminal that they are keeping it from us. Jamie man up and show us your schlong! I promise we won’t be overly critical.

Well that’s all I’ve got for today folks, when I know more I will be sure to share

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