Monday Fifty Fix 5/4/15!!

Hello my friends it is release week and for those of you that couldn’t wait until the 8th, like me, and purchased the Fifty Shades of Grey Movie via Amazon were treated to the alternate ending that is in the Unrated Version.

WTF were they thinking? Was it the studio’s call or was it Sam Taylor-Johnson’s call to not put this in the theatrical version? I would be lying, my good friends, if I said I wasn’t complaining. DAMMIT I AM! Sam if it was you no wonder your ass isn’t coming back and Universal/Focus if it was you, did you even viewer test this? I am sure that you had to and if those dummies said that this WASN’T the way to go then you need a new test group and I am officially volunteering to do it for FREE. Yes I will fly to L.A. on my own dime and suffer through the filming and viewing of Fifty Shades Darker if it will help you all make better decisions. All I ask in return is for a movie that the audience of this book deserves DAMMIT!! We are faithful fans and don’t want our beloved characters screwed over by Hollywood!!

So without further adieu…the extended ending

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