Fate’s A B*tch!!!

I love Isabelle Richards. She makes me giggle and she writes an awesome story! It took me a little more time than expected to finish with all that I have going on but let me tell you what. I am glad I started this series and as sad as I am that it is over, I enjoyed the ride immensely!

When Fates Align-FINAL-high (1)

SYNOPSIS: Why would fate bring them together only to tear them apart?
Lily and Gavin were brought together in a clash of tragedy and chaos. Amid the ashes of lives gone wrong, they thought they found a second chance at love. With trouble from their previous lives lurking around every corner, they quickly learned that love from a star-crossed romance isn’t enough to survive.
Lily has slipped through Gavin’s fingers, and he feels as though he’s been sentenced to an eternity in hell. But if he’s going to perish in the ninth circle, everyone responsible for coming between him and Lily will go down with him.
Perhaps their love was never meant to be. But, if he’s learned anything from his time with Lily, it’s that sometimes everything has to crash and burn before life can begin again.

Review: Loved it. Not much more I can say than that. I had a clue what was going to happen at the end of Book 2, When Fate Isn’t Enough, and I love it when I’m right. But I so wasn’t expecting what came after that. The story picks up immediately and it just runs for 395 more pages. And when I say run I mean this books doesn’t slow down at all. It will drive you mad, make you shake your head, clutch your pearls and then swoon all for Gavin and Lily.

I really meant what I said when I stated that these books are like movies. Total fiction that sucks you in and makes you wonder why shit like this doesn’t happen in real-life so you could totally be a kick ass broad like Scarlett Johansson (or Foxy Brown tee hee) all while being hot and getting shagged by David Beckham’s doppelgänger. Mobsters, Gangsters, Cartels, FBI agents on the take, MI5 and Interpool…all of this makes for such a perfect finale to this series that I don’t want it to end but I am completely satisfied with how it did. And just so you know…Spaceballs. F*cking awesome!!

The way Isabelle writes these characters you can’t help but love them. Lily is ballsy, funny AND can quote Biggie and the Beastie Boys! Gavin is sexy, rich, well endowed(the most important aspect imo), runs a company, an ex-model and doctor with a hot British accent. WTF. Yeah, total fiction and if any of you and I mean ANY OF YOU know a real life Gavin and you aren’t sharing. Shame on you!  So 5 stars for this series as a whole!! 4.5 stars for just book 3 and click the links below to purchase!

Book 1 When Fates Collide

Book 2 When Fate Isn’t Enough

Book 3 When Fates Align

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