Monday Morning Rant…


So usually I start the week off with my Monday Fifty Shades Fix, however, since we have exactly 19 months until the next movie is released I don’t really have much to talk about, so now what do I do with my Mondays? Huh E. L. James?

Matter of fact that will be my first Rant…

Screw you Universal. Screw you Focus. Screw you E.L James!! And any other ridiculous bastard who thought making us wait 2yrs for the next movie was okay. It. Is. Not. Really WTF you can’t give us Dornan’s ass, a peak at some peen and the ending that SHOULD have made the theatrical cut then show us a clip that says February 2017. Cruel and unusual punishment is what that is..1234

I know it’s just fiction but I can’t help but wonder where the hell were all these sex GODs when I was in college? Seriously it was more bumbling and fumbling that anything. What guy really had his shit that together that every time you screwed you came harder that the time before…every touch elicited a minigasm and his abs made Michael Angelo’s David look like a slob? Go ahead, I’ll wait…

I did all that bitching above and yet I still hit the search button on my Kindle for every book I read just to see where the sexy scenes start..tee hee…

One-Click is still that devil and finally….

Keira, I still hate youthoughtless-and-effortless

Feel free to rant in the comments below!!!

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