Ms. Conception…Review

Ms Conception_Jen Cumming_coverSYNOPSIS: Abigail Nichols has tried everything from rash-inducing herbal creams to acupuncture in a desperate, last-ditch effort to get pregnant. Wedged into her iPhone schedule among new business pitches and rebranding design meetings is Abby’s ovulation cycle, along with potential opportunities for illicit afternoon quickies. With all of their hopes and savings on the table, Abby and her husband Jack enter the whispered world of fertility clinics. Along with a meddling mother-in-law, competitive pregnancies, and constant obligatory sex, Abby’s baby-track mind conspires to ravage her career, her marriage, and her sanity. One thing she knows for sure: a healthy sense of humor (and the occasional glass of red wine) is the best coping strategy. One thing she wishes she knew: whether it will be enough. Ms. Conception is an honest but light-hearted novel inspired by the ups and downs of fertility treatments and the emotional burden that rests on those trying to conceive.

Review: This wasn’t my typical read, you know why..that’s right NO SMUT!! Nor was it romantic in the typical way even though we got out HEA…but you can’t all that a spoiler because you see the cover, you know she gets knocked up! Now that’s not to say I need smut it just helps LOL

I couldn’t really sympathize with the our heroine, Abigail, but I could definitely empathize with her. I know a lot of people who struggle with infertility so this book is probably as close to an exact account as any when it comes to all the things you have to do with the drugs, appointments etc. However, Abby got on my damn nerves at times. She is supposed to be this power player at work but I still trying to figure out how she kept her job considering she was rarely there. She whined all the time, and although she was stressed and going through the emotional roller coaster of trying to get pregnant I wanted to yell at her to put on a pair of “big girl panties”. Her husband was a big mama’s boy and he also got on my nerves. Her gay assistant and meddling Mother-in-Law gave a breath of fresh air to this book. The assistant made you giggle while the MIL made you wanna slap her.

It took awhile to finish this book as a lot of it was repetitive in what was happening as far as the fertility treatments, so I will give this 3 out of 5 stars. It was a decent read and I feel for any woman who has to go through the pain of losing a baby or not being able to conceive

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