Suddenly a New Life…Review

So I recently finished Suddenly A New Life by Stacy L. Mantlo and C. Shivers. The book blurb talks of second chance love and who doesn’t love a second chance novel? I know I do so I went for it…

24828889SYNOPSIS: Since the unexpected death of her beloved husband, Sky Kendrick has been merely surviving day by day for the last two years until her crazy, witty, takes- no- crap best friend pushes her to get out of town in hopes of getting her life back. Sky is unsure she has the ability to do what her friend is asking—get out of her rut and try to create a real life again—even though it’s for the best. On her way to a sunny beach in Florida, things don’t go as she planned.
Fletcher Smith is an ex- Navy Seal. He has kept everyone at a distance ever since he returned from his last mission. Now retired from the military, he has his own private investigation company. Fletcher prefers solitude and has no plans for that to change. So when a sassy-mouthed beauty from Georgia suddenly, desperately needs his help, he hopes he can put the harsh life of combat behind him and move ahead.
Can Sky and Fletcher heal, change, and reach out to each other for a chance at love?

Review: Sounds good right? Yeah. No. This book started off strong, I was so ready for this after reading The 5 Stages of Falling in Love…this was not that. I wasn’t expecting it to be but I was expecting the emotional part of it considering her husband died unexpectedly in the beginning of the book. I was prepared and got a little teary in the beginning because no matter what you expect, reading someone else’s pain is always had. But that is where the similarities end folks.

Skylar, the heroine, is all over the place. After 2 yrs of grieving her husband I would think that she was a little more together, but I’ve been told you can’t put a time on grief and I get that but after such a long time I am glad she has someone pushing her to continue to live, however she is still flaky. One minute she isn’t taking any sh*t from Fletcher and fussing him out (can’t say cussing because she rarely curses which is cool since cursing is unladylike so my potty-mouth-having-ass has been told), in the next breath she is crying and freaking out, then she is in love. She literally was all over the place.

Fletcher wasn’t any different. He was supposed to be this guy hardened by life and war and death but he was just as much a flake as she was. I am not a fan of insta-love. It’s not believable. I know this is fiction and I know stuff happens in books that doesn’t happen in everyday life but give me a bit of something to go on. Make the fairy-tale somewhat believable. This all takes place in such a short amount of time and they really don’t “talk” or get to know each other in a way that would suggest that I can get past the insta-love. Instant attraction I get, love not so much? She has no real reason to stay and he has no reason to keep her there other than to get to know her and they don’t really do that.  And don’t even get me started with the “Old Man” worst supporting character, his “sayings” were supposed to be cute and wise, they were weird and made no sense. Heather, another supporting character, had potential to turn this story around I got a little excited when she came on the scene…finally something that would give this story a boost…nope she was just a patsy. But his PI team that can sure generate some action! Yup it did but damn it, it technically didn’t fit with the story but was still a good plot.

So my opinion..yeah I was getting to that, this book didn’t stay on the beaten path. That is where the problem lies. There are several ways this story could have gone and quite possibly should have gone but didn’t. For instance when they meet for the first time, she should’ve had amnesia! Heather could’ve had more of a back story then her role would’ve made more sense and finally instead of a PI firm Fletcher and his band of ex-Navy seals would’ve been a Security Firm with all their skills I find it hard to believe they are making big bucks taking pics of cheating exes for divorce cases. See folks potential!! So I give this story 2 out of 5 stars, because my imagination worked better than this story.

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