Dear Bright Side…New Review

Dear Kate,

   About a month ago I started on this journey with you and I couldn’t bring myself to continue…it hurt too bad. I knew you had to go but I couldn’t let you go, so on April 24, 2015, I walked away (Original Bright Side Review). I thought that if I just stopped that I could hold on to you just a little longer, that what was inevitable wouldn’t  just all go away. I loved every moment I spent with you and Keller and Gus and Shel and Clay…just everyone and in some twisted area in my brain, I wanted to just stay on the Bright Side and wanted, no needed you to stay here with me. I didn’t want the pain that came with losing you. I didn’t want to feel Gus’ pain or Keller’s for that matter. You knew what it would do to them… to us, but you left anyway and I don’t blame you. Gracie needed you, your mom needed you and I am better for “knowing” you. We all are. We’ve learned to walk on the Bright Side, to Do Epic, to Be Brave. So I did it, Kate. I took the final steps and finished the journey, your journey. It was time and it was hard. I cried. I also smiled. I was Brave….

Review: I’ve had authors that I loved. I’ve had some I admired. I’ve never had one that made me feel all the things I’ve felt in the last few hours except for one. Kim Holden. Bright Side has to be the best book I’ve ever read. The story evoked every emotion there was. I was happy, sad, angry, depressed, and grief-stricken. I didn’t think a book could pull so much out of a person. I’ve cried while reading a book before, but never have I ever felt the loss like I did with this book. Never have I ever felt love like I did with this book. And never have I ever felt more fulfilled as I have with this book. There is nothing I can say that will do this book justice. There is nothing I can type that can express how well written I feel this book is, how these characters will crawl inside your heart and take up residence. How they will be a part of you forever and how after reading this book you feel like a better person for knowing each and every one of them. So if you have not read this book yet please do, but read it knowing it will wreck you completely and you will love it in the end. It will be hard but you can do it. You. Are. Brave. With that said I will not be rating this book because there are no amount of stars you can give for EPIC.

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