Dark Escort…Review

So this is book 3 in the Beautiful Entourage series, you know the escorts that don’t sleep with their clients but end up sleeping with their clients, but only after they are no longer clients. Yeah that series.


Synopsis: There’s an endless line of beautiful women outside of work, so temptation has never been an issue. They come to him quicker than he can even look in their direction. And as soon as he kicks them out the following morning, he can’t even remember their name.
But when an old flame becomes his new client, someone he let slip through his fingers, will he be able to keep his resolve? Or will he crack?

Review: This one has a little more of a story line then the others. Not that the others are bad, but this one just makes for a more interesting escort story since it starts with a back story. So I definitely liked this one more than book 2. There isn’t too much I can say about this series that wouldn’t be repetitious and you all deserve better than that so I will leave you with the 3 L’s…

LOVED:The new female lead. She didn’t take so sh*t and her history made her a little more real and I understood why she actually needed and escort. Joey and his pathetic-ness, this should have been explored more…but I digress. Dual POV’s…always a plus in my book!

LIKED: Cato, our new escort. He was okay when he wasn’t acting like a girl. I liked how as much as he thought he was unforgettable he was soon put in his place.

LOATHED: Spelling errors and whole words missing. Where was the editor? When books are $5 bucks a pop this shouldn’t be the reason someone dislikes a book.

So for those reasons I give this book 3 stars!! It’s a good quick read that you will enjoy once you get past the editing issues.

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