Monday Morning…Contest!!


Usually, I go on a tear about what is pissing me off these days but today I would rather give something away. “Sharing is caring” is what my 4 year-old is constantly telling me when I am trying to sneak snacks without giving him any.

So today I want to talk about my favorite topic: Fifty Shades Darker!! My favorite of the 3 books. You know why?And before you say smut that is NOT the answer, albeit it is a close second. The reason I love this book the most is because of the drama. We get so much more everything in this book and the most important characters in a great story are the villains! Jose` and his Ana Tribute, Elena “Mrs. Robinson” Lincoln, Leila “the stalker ex-sub” Williams and Jack Hyde. These characters made this book A-MAZE-BALLS!! And with the search for Elena, Layla and Jack’s casting coming up I want to know who is your DREAM CAST for these characters. So dig deep my fellow Fifty Fans and remember all the characteristics of these characters because I am giving away…

Amazon-Gift-Card-GEN85358414JMRCRYUL._SL246_SX190_CR0,0,190,246_  a $10.00 Amazon Gift card along with a Laters Baby 50 Shades T-shirt for the best/most fitting casting. 

In the comments below please enter who’d you cast and why…bonus if you add a picture! Then click the subscribe button to keep up to date with book reviews and other contests. The winner will be chosen on Friday June 5th at 8pm EST, Good luck! And Just announced…


14 thoughts on “Monday Morning…Contest!!

    • Lisa M. says:

      I know Henry Cavill is I think he is hot!! I will Google the actress, however, I want to know who you see as Leila, Jack Hyde and Elena aka Mrs. Robinson!!


    • Liz L. says:

      LOL! I’m so glad it wasn’t announced super early before the release – my heart wouldn’t have made it through a long wait!! I hope to have it read quickly, but you will beat me! Can’t wait for your review!


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