Dangerous Stranger…Review

Dangerous Stranger by E.L. Todd is the 4th book in the Beautiful Entourage series. Yup almost done with the no sex, but end up having sex, escort service guys. This by far was my favorite book, as it had the BEST story line of the 5.

f726a70e3c48527f4334e6097920594082c8a4e4-thumbSYNOPSIS: Jett takes his job as an escort seriously. He’s not just playing a part, and he tries to help people as much as he can. When a guy asks him to pose as his boyfriend, Jett doesn’t hesitate. Following the rules has always been easy, but with a dude, it will be a walk in the park.
But he doesn’t expect to meet his lovely sister. A curvy brunette with green eyes, she’s the type of woman he’s never encountered before. She’s the opposite of a damsel in distress. She’s strong, witty, and sassy. And Jett is immediately interested.
But he can’t break the rules. Not ever. 
No Kissing.
No Feelings.
And No Sex.
But Jett struggles with this agreement with every passing day. And if he could break the rules, how would he manage? She thinks he’s gay, and how will he tell her otherwise without blowing his client’s cover?
And why does he want to blow it at all?

Review: Man I loved this one out of all the books. Although you know how it’s going to end…getting to that part was pretty darn good. Jett takes on a client who has to come out to his parents and doesn’t want to put his “real” boyfriend through all the drama that he knows is inevitable. What Jett doesn’t expect is for Max to have a hotter than sin sister named Ophelia.

Maximilian and Ophelia, those are two pretty pretentious names…you can tell their parents are filthy rich. Wow. Anyway, this is another one of those “can’t really review without spoiling it” books so bear with me. This book was more fun than anything. It isn’t a regurgitation of the earlier books even though you know how it will eventually end. The story and love…square? Maybe? I mean it’s 4 people involved so triangle definitely isn’t the right shape. Wait, what the hell am I talking about…sorry guys. Anyway, the characters in this story have a tad bit more depth and it’s written in dual POV, my fave. So 4 stars for this continuation of a series. Good job Ms. Todd.

To purchase Dangerous Stranger please click here

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