Monday Morning Rant!!!

118330-I-Hate-Monday-sUgh! It’s Monday once again. The start of the work/school week and time for me to get my weekly rant off my chest. So with that said today I will be bitching about : Descriptive Linguistics

I’ve listened, via Audible, to Consequence by Aleatha Romig and while I’ve enjoyed it, I’m regretting not purchasing the book instead. The reason: too much description. What I mean by that is this book is wordy as hell. A lot of those words are so unnecessary to move the story along. Fifty-four chapters, 500+ pages and 200 of those were spent describing clothes, locations, rooms, hair styles, etc. I could careless about the floor to ceiling windows, or that there are 5 blades on the ceiling fan that is set to a low setting. However, none of the sex scenes were described in such detail. That’s the stuff we want to read, not how long the stylist took to make the perfect coif for a dinner party. Does it really matter that she had several dresses to choose from including Monique Lhuillier, Vera Wang, Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Herrera and Marchesa. Some things just don’t need that much attention.

When authors do this it makes for skipping and skimming. I will almost always skim through all the descriptions just to get to dialogue, that, to me, is the best part. Which is why I am a little discontented that I didn’t get this story via book instead of Audible. Dammit I can’t skim or skip…well I can, but there is no way to tell if I am missing anything good. So I’ve been forced to suffer through all the descriptive linguistics, descriptions of everything I wanted except the smut. How dare you classify this book as an Erotic Romance.

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