Amazon oh Amazon…

yeah-if-you-q5j6wbSo while perusing the internet I came across an interesting article. Amazon has decided to pay their author’s per page read instead of per book (Amazon new per page policy).

This here is one of those infamous “Catch 22” situations..I am not sure which side I fall on. This will apply to those that use Kindle Unlimited and Kindle Owner’s Lending Library. If you borrow a book (KOLL), read for free or at a discounted price (KU) and you don’t finish the book the author will only get paid for the amount of the book you actually finished.

I can see the good and bad in this. For the authors that self publish crappy books with horrible editing issues or twenty 79 page books that drag on forever, this is a good thing. They shouldn’t be paid the same amount as the author that really put forth an effort to write a good book. However, what I consider a good book may not be what the next person deems a good book so who and what determines your stop point? What if you get a book and “life” happens and you don’t get to finish…how long does the book have to sit stagnant before it is deemed “unfinished”? Will the author get paid once you pick it back up and attempt to finish?

What do you guys think?? Authors how do you feel?

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