The Offer…Review

I know I TBR is so backed up that I can barely keep up. The Offer by one of my favorite authors, Karina Halle, was released in June 13th and I am just getting to it. It’s a spin off from The Pact that was released earlier this year..another GREAT book.

download (3)Synopsis: She thinks he’s an arrogant playboy. He thinks she’s an uptight prude. But he’s about to make her an offer she can’t refuse.
Nicola Price used to have it all – a great career, the perfect boyfriend, an excessive shoe collection and an apartment in one of San Francisco’s best neighborhoods. But when she gets knocked up and her a**hat boyfriend leaves her high and dry, Nicola’s perfectly crafted world comes tumbling down. And stays that way.
Now, Nicola is the proud single mom to a five-year old daughter and living a giant lie. She can barely afford their ghetto apartment and all the men she dates run when they hear she comes with a child. She’s struggling and scared – and nowhere near where she thought she’d be at age thirty-one.
Her saving grace comes in the form of a tall, handsome and wealthy Scotsman Bram McGregor, the older brother of her friend Linden. Bram understands a thing or two about pride, so when tragic circumstances place Nicola at rock bottom, he offers them a place to live in the apartment complex he owns. It’s pretty much the perfect deal, so as long as she doesn’t mind living beside Bram, a man that, despite his generosity, seems to antagonize her at every turn.
But nothing in life is free and as Nicola gets her feet back on the ground, she discovers that the enigmatic playboy may end up costing her more than she thought.

She might just lose her heart. Those McGregor brothers are nothing but trouble…

Review: It was Bram-tastic! So corny yet so cute..kind of like the crude and corny hero in this spin-off. I really enjoyed his antics and his sweet side. I loved that he wasn’t perfect and didn’t pretend to be he knew his face was his money-maker and he didn’t down play it. But what had me truly ready to call Bram my new BFF was that he genuinely wanted to change his playboy DGAF image. He realizes he pissed away a lot of his life and he truly wanted to make a difference in a way that helped someone other than himself, however, he had a long way to go to show people the new him.

Nicola was ok but got on my nerves a bit. As a former single mom, I didn’t understand how she was too proud to ask and accept much-needed help when it came to her child. She lost her job; her friend owns a bar and another an online clothing boutique. She was on the verge of eviction; Bram offers her a rent free two bedroom apartment OUT of the ghetto!! Her dad has money that he often donates to charity; she doesn’t want to ask him because she doesn’t want him to think she needs it. CHICK YOU NEED IT!! When it comes to my child I will beg, borrow and swallow said pride to make sure he has want he needs. Once she started to loosen up I did start to like her more, so there’s something. Their banter was awesome I constantly found myself giggling and the sex was hot! Bram obviously knows how to fill out those David Beckham drawers **drools ooh Becks** The shocker we get toward the end of the book is awesome, however, I needed a wee bit more in the redemption department. So 4.5 stars for this STAND ALONE spin-off by the woman who brought me Love in Spanish…god I love that book!

To purchase The Offer on Amazon please click here

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