Beyond Bedrock…review

So this has been a week of crazies…first Gone Girl (never read the book but finally saw the movie) now this. Oh. My. Goodness. Beyond Bedrock is the 3rd and last book in the Bedrock series and I strongly suggest reading Bedrock and Breaking Bedrock first.

Adobe Photoshop PDFSynopsis: Addison and William Hartman’s once tumultuous affair is mostly a thing of the past. These days it seems they have it all—that the world is literally at their fingertips. They are finally living their hard won happily ever after.

Settled into a marriage that is anything but normal, the two of them are learning the art of the dance it takes to make a long-term commitment between a pair of highly-passionate and driven people work. The question is whether or not they can sustain it.

And it appears they can—that they have the give and take in the bag—until outside forces beyond their control come forth and change the course of their lives, once again—and this time, not for the better.
The final book in the Bedrock Trilogy, this story explores what happens after the curtain closes and the reality of happily ever after begins.

Review: I’ve just been on the crazy train for a bit and needed a minute to decompress after getting off. This was like Single White Female meets Fatal Attraction and makes a baby named Basic Instinct..I mean WTF!!

Addison and William are settling into their life together but with everything they’ve already been through what more could happen…crazy a** Lydia is what. So we pick up with Loony Lydia writing William (from the loony bin no less), pretty much telling her version of how she sees their relationship. This chick is straight up PSYCHO and I loved every bit of it. To read from her POV was different as I’ve never been in the mind of someone so disturbed. This woman will make you cringe which was totally weird but in a good way. We also get this story from William and Addison’s POV so you’re always clued in.

Because this is part of a series it’s so hard to review this without spoiling it. This book has murder, sex, love, crazy stalker chick and a HEA that is so deserved you will give a standing ovation. So 4.5 stars for this conclusion to a damn good trilogy.

To buy Beyond Bedrock on Amazon click here

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