Incendiary…Review and Giveaway

Holy Hot Shit Batman, this book was CRAZY good. I had to go back and read book 1, Inferno, to really get a good understanding of what I was getting myself into and boy am I glad I did. Now I usually toe the line when it comes to taboo stuff and this is one of the lines I very rarely cross but…

IncendiarySynoposis: Georgie has destroyed me. She’s threatened my freedom and everything I’ve worked so hard to build. My band, my music, is the last thing on my mind. I want her to pay for all she’s done.
But she’s still my Georgie, and my desire for her is as hot as ever. She’s my inferno, my biggest mistake and my greatest reward.
My fans see her as their idol’s downfall. When her life is threatened, I will come to realize there’s nothing in the world more important to me than her.
She’s my flame.

I’m her anchor.

Together, we’re explosive.

We are incendiary.
For mature audiences only. Incendiary is not a standalone novel, but is the conclusion to Georgiana McCall’s and Sloane Mason’s story that began in Inferno.

Review: WTF did I just read. I mean seriously, I couldn’t believe all that unfolded with this story. Well I could believe it but I couldn’t if that makes sense. It’s like a car accident…you know you shouldn’t watch but you can’t just look away. That was this amazingly written story of lies, sex, betrayal, murder and mayhem. Again I wasn’t sure if I was going to like this book because of the age difference between the hero/heroine. That is kind of a sore spot for me since I have a 17yr old son and I’ll be damned if some Mrs. Robinson-esque type of chick is going to come in and seduce him. However, I put aside my prejudgment and dove it and I am so glad I did.

Sloane (H) is on tour trying so hard to forget about Georgie. The 16-year-old girl he helped get clean off drugs and ended up falling in love with. He promised her rich and powerful grandmother that if she kept her away from her psycho mother he would stay away, but unbeknownst to him, Georgie has a little secret of her own from their time together. Sloane is still battling his own demons…the death of his sister, his constant battle with sobriety (well with drugs anyway because he is still a manwhore and drinks) and to add-on to it he now has statutory rape charges to deal with. Georgie. Now the lines are blurred; because regardless of how much he loves her…now he hates her too. After everything they’ve been through and endured how could she turn on him?

Georgie is still a minor..newly 17 and pregnant with the baby of a 26-year-old rock star, trapped in her grandmother’s mansion with no way to tell the man she loves he’s gonna be a daddy but when she sees the love of her life being led away in handcuffs because she “accused” him of rape she nearly loses it. Granted Georgie has grown some just not enough to understand the consequences of everything that is happening around her. She trusts all the wrong people and gets herself into situations that you would not believe.  Her family is so darn dysfunctional it’s no wonder this poor girl is so effed up.

There’s so much I want to tell you guys about this crazy good CRAZY story but I am so afraid of spoiling it…god this is so hard! What I enjoyed so much about this book is their struggle together. With all the outside influences and obstacles, Sloane and Georgie, did everything they could to overcome them together. And boy were there obstacles, their lack of trust in each other, villains who weren’t truly villains and help from some very unlikely sources made this even more interesting…and I’ve never seen the word F**k used so frequently in one sentence. By the end I found myself rooting for them to find their truth…their HEA. So 4 stars for this surprising conclusion to the Phoenix Rising saga. If you like taboo and pushing the line this is definitely a good way to do it!

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Kathryn Kelly Bio: Kathryn Kelly is the author of the Death Dwellers MC Series and Phoenix Rising Rock Band Series. For as long as she can remember, she has been a reader and has always loved books. Although she thought about writing her own books, she never thought she would actually do it. It took a dream from her first hero, Christopher “Outlaw” Caldwell and encouragement by her mother and friends before she put pen to paper and wrote Misled. This has been one of the most rewarding and amazing journeys of her life and she owes it all to her readers and fans. In her spare time, (admittedly not much), she likes scotch, champagne, music, and the New Orleans Saints. In reality, she’s just a girl next door, a biker babe in her imagination, a mom, and a daughter.

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