Forgive Me…

Geez I can’t believe it’s been 6 whole days since I’ve posted anything…that’s gotta be a record for me. Sorry guys. Unfortunately I’ve been a tab bit busy but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been reading. I actually have read lots and most of what I’ve read is pretty good but I’ve been told to wait before posting my reviews. Not to mention I’ve started a new job and getting acclimated here as well as getting reading for school (18 mos left..I’m in the home stretch) has taken up a lot of my time.

So what I will share with you guys is there are some pretty good sales and books releasing this month so be on the lookout for that..I’ll feature the ones I recommend here of course. And I just realized I didn’t post my August book list. WTF have I been doing all this time?? And have I given you guys any Fifty related news? Man I have completely dropped the ball…let me see what I have here

** They dupped us…Henry Cavill will NOT be playing Jack Hyde in FSD, thank goodness I can’t believe they were gonna make the bad guy hotter than the good guy, I mean seriously who does that?!?


And to be fair I am giving you furry faces because I am a sucker for a man with facial hair..truth be told I’d do them both…at the same. damn. time.

** I am over the “Stepbrother craze…I get it, I swear I do. There’s something about the forbidden fruit of it all blah blah blah. But it has been over done and quite honestly…not well. I’ve read 4 “Step” related books and only one was actually…dare I say it…good. 871

** And while we are on crazes…stop slapping BILLIONAIRE on every damn thing!! First of all 1% of the population can claim millionaire/billionaire status and I am sure the majority of them are NOT hot CEO Christian Grey types geezus!! Don’t believe me, lets look and see…download uuummmmm…sssoooo which one are you banging? Yeah I thought so.

** WTF is taking Never Never 3 so long..damn that Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher!

Dear god this sounds more like one of my Monday Morning Rants than a Thursday apology..sorry for being busy…love you!

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