Guiding Lights…Review

GL AmazonSynopsis: He sings of suffering. His eyes hold the pain of living in sorrow. The moment our gaze meets recognition flares within. We are tortured souls drifting in a sea of darkness. He knows I have secrets that I’ll never tell.

I am numb

I am broken

I am dirty

I can never be the guiding light through the darkness he thinks I am. I have forsaken my past, I rely on keeping myself shut off. But he has secrets too, secrets that would destroy everything I have left. I wish things were different, that maybe we could be each other’s lifeline. But destiny drags us down like an anchor. The broken can only drift in the sea barely staying afloat.

Review: There are a few things I feel most romance novels should contain:

  1. A man so hot you will need to change your panties (preferably with an accent)
  2. A female lead that isn’t a…pardon me if you offend easily…pussy
  3. Sex so hot that you have to change your panties

Oh yeah a good plot and great supporting characters and all that jazz, but you get where I’m going right?!!? Well this book had 2 of the 5 right. Now I don’t know any Scottish men and I am sure their accents are hot…hold on let me Google it real quick…


Brock O’Hurn

Not too bad but let me tell you reading it was The. Worst. I am not sure if the author was just trying to put you in the mindset or in the moment, scene, whatever it was but I struggled a bit reading Wolfe’s dialogue. I don’t know if it was because it was hard to follow or because I kept finding myself trying to get the accent right in my head but it was distracting as hell. However, the description of Wolfe totally wet my whistle…if you know what I mean. The entire time all I could picture was this hot as sin man pictured to the left, Mr. Brock O’Hurn. He fits the description of our hero to a T. Matter of fact the hero is probably the only thing I really liked about this book. It had the bones of a great story but let me tell you it got really odd towards the end. I was rolling my eyes and ready to b**tch slap the “heroine”, Monera, for being so pathetic. I was with her almost to the end guys…almost. I looked passed her narcissism when she describes how beautiful she is, I kept it moving when she continuously talked about how “broken” she was. Speaking of, what is up with the term “broken” is that the go-to for a traumatized female? This is the umpteenth book I’ve read this month that the female lead was “broken”. And guess who puts Humpty Dumpty back together again…you got that right. Mr. McHottie and his magic stick. Honey you ain’t broken your horny there’s a difference.

Anyway, like I was saying I was with Nera for 85% of this story, when I read her back story I was like oooohhhh this is gonna get good but it wasn’t. It was dumb. And because I refuse to spoil this for you let me just say at 24 years of “that” should not have happened. Maybe it’s the “American” in me that just can’t wrap my head around it. But Wolfe’s story is what really drives this book and I would’ve loved to get more of him verses her. The sexy time was meh at best but I was fine with it because all I kept picturing was this 

Your welcome ladies…so a whopping 2.75 stars for this one folks…now scroll back up and watch Brock take his shirt off again

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