Old School…

When I started “blogging” it was really just me ranting and raving about a book I’d read and all the random things I thought while reading it. Most of the time it was really just the crazy musings of my mind that I had to wait to share with Paige because she reads slow as f*ck…so I figured I’d type them all here and boom, I could share my foolishness with the world (and Paige)! Now…not so much.

I’ve been told that I should look at other reviewer’s/blogger’s pages and see how others are doing it, told that if I wanted more traffic or to reach more people I needed to do more of what they were doing, reach out to publishers and offer to do reviews for them or promote their clients books via my blog, twitter, and Facebook. For the most part I enjoy doing it. I love reading I love writing about what I’ve read and I really love introducing you guys and myself to new books and authors. That’s the good part…

The bad part is, I feel guilty if/when I don’t like something, I find myself writing in a more “clinical” way instead of just saying what’s on my mind, and reading has become a chore instead of something I enjoy. Especially when you have a “deadline” but the materials you need to meet said deadline, never make it or make it to you way late, setting you back with everything else you have going on and it sucks…so it’s time to go old school. I am going to read for me for a little while. I will still review the books I’m reading but it will be the fun, whimsical, random thoughts that run through my brain so I hope you can keep up because sometimes I can be all over the place when I’m reading.

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