Orgasms and Optometry

Sometimes I have a tendency to go off topic, like completely off topic. My mind is constantly going and I will start with one thing and then something else will jump out at me and make she say, “oooh wait”squirrel-2..yeah that is so me. So instead of writing the review for a book that I just read (Tattooed Emotions FYI I’m giving it 4 stars) I am wondering about something that has come about in several romance books I have read.

Now I will not reveal my age but lets just say I am old enough to have had a few experiences and trust me when I say I don’t/won’t judge, but ladies I need some help. I need to know if I am missing out on something…

Let me explain…so I am knee-deep in this book and it’s a hot sex scene and as the female lead is reaching the peak and “falls off the edge” she claims that her vision goes black…WTF!! Seriously??!!?!? I have NEVER had an orgasm that rendered me temporarily blind. Nor have I seen stars, fireworks or spots behind my eyes. Seriously all of these descriptions don’t sound sexy or healthy for that matter. Am I missing something? Have the Os I’ve been experiencing pretty lame? I know I know it’s fiction Lisa, it’s written imagery blah blah blah. But it’s drawn from somewhere right? Did someone experience this? It all can’t be made up can it? So I wanna know…has anyone every had an O so strong that it caused some type of physical limitation? I don’t care if it’s a toe cramp help a sista out, I wanna know what I’ve been missing??

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