Transparent…Review w/Excerpt

Okay I now I’ve said a million times that I love when a book can play in my head like a movie and that’s exactly how this series was for me. I had the pleasure of reviewing book 2, Transparent (releases tomorrow), early and I loved it. Took me about 4hrs to devour this book even though it was OUT THERE. It was like that movie Expendables with all the old action heroes, you know damn well this will never happen in real life but it’s fun to watch things go boom!

transparent SMASHWORDSSynopsis:Her elusive past didn’t worry me,

Her heartbreaking scars never made me cringe,

And her haunting demons only made me a stronger man.

But the day Blake Martin was stolen from me,

I was scared to death.

Prepared to do anything necessary to get her back,

Little did I know it just might cost me my life.

My name is Madden Decker, and this is my story.

Review: So, instead of this being told strictly from Madden’s POV like the blurb eludes, it’s actually told from Madden and Blake’s POV. We get to hear both voices and that’s pretty cool. But before we get into the nitty gritty here’s a quick recap book 1, Translucent, which will contain spoilers so skip down if you need to:

  • Bryleigh shoots and kills her @$$hole mob involved husband with an AK-47 
  • To escape serving jail time for murder she tells the FBI what she knows and enters witness protection where she becomes Blake
  • Gets a great job and meets Madden but fights attraction because she is scared her identity will be found out
  • Gets snatched by the mod just when things are getting good…cliffhanger!

When I finished book 1 I was pissy..who in the heck snitched??? I had an idea but I couldn’t wait to get my hands on book 2. In this book we go a little deeper into the mob workings and we meet a new character, Raze. Awful name but pivotal character. He has suffered so much loss because of his mob ties that you sympathize with him, but don’t get it twisted he is still a cold-hearted killer.


His turbulent blue gaze cuts around the room until they land on where I’m curled up in a ball in the corner of the room, and when I don’t jump up right away, he begins to stalk in my direction.

“Did you hear me, girl? I said we have to leave. Right no—” He stops in his tracks once he takes notice of the spaghetti dinner the housekeeper, or at least that’s who I assume she was, delivered a short time ago, now splattered against the wall above where the plate it was served on lies in fragmented pieces on the floor. I tighten my grip on one of the porcelain shards entangled in my trembling fingers. The sharpest one I could find.

“What in the fuck did you do? Are you fucking crazy?” Boring a hole in me with an incredulous stare, he closes the distance between us and squats down to my level.

I keep my eyes trained on him, but say nothing. I’ve got a split-second to make the decision on whether to attempt an escape now with my makeshift weapon, or to wait until a better opportunity presents itself. All day, I’ve been trying to listen to the different muffled voices through the walls as I watched the cars come and go out the window, compiling as much information as possible about my whereabouts and the people in the house. I haven’t learned much except that Raze has been here with me the whole time.

After Anatoli informed me last night of my purpose here with the Russians, Raze escorted me back to the room—this room—where I was permitted to shower and given a bowl of chicken and rice to eat. The rest of the night I lay awake in the darkness, the sound of crickets in the trees, and my conflicting thoughts. Thoughts that ranged from planning my getaway, to wondering how sweet the revenge would be if I actually killed Vincent Ricci.

Blake is put in a position that is impossible to get out of but she’s fallen in love with Madden and her new life so she is determined to save herself instead of succumbing to her “fate.” I love that her voice is so much stronger in this book than the last. In Translucent (my review) she was a little more timid because of her past now she is fighting for her future.

Madden is desperate to find her. He always knew something really bad happened in her past but he was not expecting thisTEASER 1 - TRANS. However, he doesn’t let her scary mob ties keep him from her. He does a few crazy things that make you wanna slap him but swoon because he’s ready to risk it all for her. All in all this was one crazy ride and I thoroughly enjoyed it, so 4 stars for this fab follow-up!

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