2015 GoodReads Voting

Every year GoodReads has the readers vote on their favorite books of 2015! (Click Here to see who made the list and VOTE!!)

That is totally awesome it really is, but what about the books that release after voting begins? I just finished a book Sunday November 1st that I definitely believe belongs on that list (My Soul To Keep by Kennedy Ryan).That’s not to take anything away from the Authors that have made the list because quite a few on the list I LOVED! Some not so much but I appreciate the author’s work all the same. So here my list:

TEXTTEASER’s Top Ten of 2015 so far…

  1. The Virgin Romance Novelist – Meghan Quinn
  2. Hate to Love You/Love to Hate You – Isabelle Richards
  3. Bright Side/Gus – Kim Holden
  4. My Soul to Keep – Kennedy Ryan
  5. Nine Minutes/Out of Time – Beth Flynn
  6. Torn Hearts/Paper Hearts – Claire Contreas
  7. The Air He Breathes – Brittany C. Sherry
  8. Here with Me/ Choose Me – Heidi McLaughlin
  9. Consolation/Conviction – Corrine Michaels
  10. Cocky Bastard – Penelope Ward & Vi Keeland

Honorable Mention…Bait – M. Mabie

What’s Yours?

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