Promise To Be Back

Dear Friends,

I wanted to apologize for not keeping up with my reviews…I’ve been reading but haven’t had too much time to actually write about what I’ve read. Not only that…in my infinite wisdom I’ve taken a Women’s Literature course and boy can you say depressing. The books we’ve read are supposed to “broaden my horizons” when it comes to how far women have come in the literary world but let me just tell you, this shit is depressing.

We’ve read 2 plays and 6 novels and there was something wrong with Every. Single. One. I didn’t like anything we’ve read. They all made me either sad, depressed, mad or left empty. If that is what makes it “good” or “scholarly,”then I will stick with my awesome indie authors and mommy porn. You all know I could care less if a book has a Happy Ending. I am a firm believer that everything doesn’t need to end that way so if it doesn’t, I am cool with it as long as the story itself is good. The only book I somewhat enjoyed was Like Water for Chocolate and that’s because I thought the sister with the bad breath and constant gas was hilarious. Oh! and my teacher had me sold on the last novel we read, Out, about a 11111group of four Japanese women who get paid to dispose of dead bodies for the mob by cutting them up and dumping them random places. Weird. Just weird, I felt like I was reading a Quentin Tarantino movie and it started out great then…ended up bad. C’est la Vie

So yeah that’s what I’ve been up to folks but I promise to get back to reading the books I love and writing about them…just after finals are over.

Happy Reading!

p.s. I am also taking Deaf Studies and learning American Sign Language and have made some A-MAZ-ING new friends, hearing and non.


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