Monday’s Fifty Fix

It’s been a long time since I’ve written about FSOG. There really hasn’t been much to talk about but I figured since we are coming to the end of the year AND I just had some interesting tidbits come to my inbox; I’d share.

  1. LaylaLeila Williams…who is gonna play Christian’s stalker? I’ve always felt like Lucy Hale from Pretty Little Liars was the best choice but you will never guess who else the rumor mill is churning out…Kendal Jenner.(Read Article Here) Total WTF moment for me. She is a cute girl and I applaud her for actually making it in this business on her own merit but can she really act? I mean her only “acting” experience comes from being on KUWTK Kendall-Jennerand can that really be considered acting. Yeah Yeah Yeah, I am NOT being a hater, I’m being a stater…the first movie was sub-par and only did well because of curiosity and if the studio and E.L James hope to keep this cash cow alive they better do one helluva job with movie 2. AND since it’s my favorite book of the series I truly hope they do it justice..
  2. christianDornan’s Dong…another thing I’m hoping to get a peak of. Yes it’s a little pervy and creeperish but don’t you dare sit here and tell me you don’t wanna see it too! Rumor has it that he was offered an additional 1.5M to show his goodies (Read it here).┬áMs. James did one helluva job painting a picture of Christian’s body and we were barely given a peak in movie 1 so yes I am looking forward to seeing it in movie 2!dornandong.1

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