New Year Old Me…

I love New Year’s Eve and all the hub bub that goes with it. I actually got all dressed up last night, went to a party, then ended up at my mom’s house only to fall asleep at 11pm and wake up to my MOTHER screaming get up you have 2 minutes until the ball drops. Well if who you spend the New Year with is any indication of how the year will pan out, I’d say I did pretty good last night.

All that to say that I didn’t make any resolutions last night just to do better in 2016 than I did in 2015. Which includes this blog. I started this as an outlet for the books that I read. Whether they are new releases, old favorites, or just new to me I like to have a place where I can just let out my thoughts on the books I’ve read. I also want to give away more stuff to the people that like to check out my blog and participate in the giveaways that I host. (Betul I haven’t forgotten you I PROMISE still waiting on book, but have confirmation it was sent!!) I love interacting with people and I appreciate all of you!

I am thinking of adding a spoiler channel on YouTube and wanted your opinion. So what do you think guys? Comment below and tomorrow morning I will choose a name at random to receive a copy of Tarryn Fisher’s new release F*ck Loveflove

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