Second Chances

Review: I recently finished a book that was simply put…nice. It was a love story that felt more like a lust story but it was a decent read nonetheless.

Ellie is back in her home town of Seahaven after a nasty divorce. She’s an EMT and loves her job. I love the fact that she isn’t describe as young and hot but as beautiful and fiesty. She is Latina and a full grown woman (in her 30’s) with a woman’s body. Matt is new in town and escaping his own demons. He and Ellie have more in common then they know especially the fact that they have family members that need them. They meet one night in the ER  and do NOT hit it off and I kind of liked that. But then I was totally confused when they hooked up…well not totally because some of the best hook-ups come from anger; that make is so hot. However, the next thing I know they are in a “relationship” that they have to keep secret because of their job and I’m like, ” Wait…whaaa??!! When did that happen?”

After getting over my initial shock and going back to make sure I didn’t miss anything (still confused about when they graduated from hook up to relationship); the story flowed very well. The ups and downs with their family drama and their struggle to build a real relationship that they didn’t have to hide kept me turning the pages. And as a Grey’s Anatomy fan I enjoyed all the medical references so 3.0 stars for the start of what seems to be a good series.

secondchancesBlurb: Paramedic Ellie Bacerra isn’t looking for love. Recently returned to her hometown of Seahaven after a bad marriage, she’s sworn off new relationships for a year, two years, maybe five. She’s finally happy again and content with concentrating on helping her troubled younger brother get his life back on track, and is having fun with her friends and doing what she does best—being a paramedic and saving lives.

Then Ellie meets Matt Runyon, the new doctor in town. He’s a recent transplant from Australia, and is tall, gorgeous, and mysterious. He has his own reasons for moving halfway around the world to this small town where he knows no one and can live in solitude. Neither Ellie nor Matt are looking for love, but they can’t ignore the immediate magnetic and insatiable pull they both feel towards each other.

Ellie doesn’t want to let her guard down and risk being hurt again, and despite his brave front, Matt is more wounded from his past than he’ll admit. The Seahaven Series begins here with Matt and Ellie, where we’ll discover whether they’re willing to overcome their pasts for a second chance at love, and together find the strength to save each other.

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