Vince Charming…Review

Review: I was gifted an ARC in exchange for my honest review of a book. I know, I know…I always say how those exact words are the kiss of death for me when I am deciding if I should try a book based on reviews; if I am gonna trust what that person has to say. I feel like some books are given 5 stars just because they got the book free and some are rightly deserved.

Vince Charming falls some where in between for me. The story line was pretty good. I enjoyed the lightness and sort of silliness of it but that is also it’s down fall. It was a bit too absurd at times. Vince, our Hero of course, was the saving grace for this story. He was sexy, and British…two things I can’t get enough of. He was a playboy but he had heart and aren’t they the best kinds of bad boys??

Now onto out heroine, Mia…I know American boasts small rural towns and I also know that the internet and reality TV can give people false information and hope but there was no way that this girl was this dumb/naive. She was sweet and I liked that she didn’t fit in the sample size 6, yup CURVY GIRLS ROCK! I enjoyed reading her shenanigans simply because I couldn’t believe they were actually happening. So 3.5 stars for this Bad Boy Sports Romance

vincecharmingBlurb: Vince Barton is no saint. He never f**ks the same girl twice. And he’s certainly not a prince. But then, I don’t need him to be. Do I?

See, that’s where this thing gets complicated. I always thought I was a disappointment to my high-flying Aunt Elliot, so I was as surprised as anyone when she left me her multi-million dollar company. I should have known there’d be a catch. And there was. One tiny condition in her will.

I need to marry an aristocrat.

Within a year.

Or the company goes to my cousin Tara, who plans to shut down the agricultural division that’s the lifeblood of my hometown. It’s just too bad the only thing I can focus on right now is Vince Barton and his goddamn perfect body.

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