Stuck-Up Suit…Review

stuck up suit

Review: I couldn’t wait to write my review for this book because we all know how much I LLOOOVVVEESSS me some Penelope Ward (My Skylar is still #3 in my top 10) and now Vi Keeland has wormed her way onto my must-read-this-author-by-any-means-necessary-list (Baller was so good). So when this book came was put up for pre-order, not only did I One-Click (still the damn devil) it, I started it immediately.┬áThis book was SO good. It’s not like anything else I’ve read lately and it put me in the best mood when I finished it. BTW BEST EPILOGUE EVER!!

Graham and Soraya are our H&h in this book. Talk about polar opposites! She is a sassy smart mouth Italian who dyes her hair according to her mood; he is a straight laced “Stuck-Up Suit”. The sparks fly immediately with this one from the crazy text messages

Graham: What are you wearing, Soraya?

Soraya: Are you serious right now?

Graham: You ruined my day. You owe me

Soraya: I don’t owe you anything, you ******* perv.

Graham: This coming from the woman who sent me a shot of her cleavage. Nice tits by the way. They’re so big, at first, I thought it was a picture of your @$$.

to the sexy banter

“Don’t think I won’t hold you down on this couch and feast on you until my entire staff knows you’re a religious girl.” ~Graham

you will knock this book out in one sitting I promise. The drama gets amped up a bit around the 50-60% mark but what makes it good is that it’s unavoidable drama. Not something just dropped to create angst, like this is some real-life make you think type stuff. We get to meet a few characters again…and if you’re a fan of these ladies you’ll know just who they are when they show up!! I loved that sneaky little tidbit and I loved this book so 5 stars for this second book in the Cocky Series, I hope they keep it up!!


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