Filthy Foreign Exchange…Review

Review: Although this book’s title had me thinking I was gonna get at least one steamy sex scene; it didn’t completely disappoint. That’s right ladies and gents…there is no smut! What it did do was draw me in with a mysterious, accented college hottie and a cute, pixie cut wearing, fabric-dancing high school senior love story. Well wait not really a love story but a falling in love story. It was pretty cool and I knocked it out in one sitting hoping to find out a few things that I can’t mention or I’ll spoil it for ya (which I won’t do). The characters were great and I found myself totally enthralled with the story but be warned this bad boy ends in a cliffhanger! Dammit now I gotta wait for book 2 to see if a certain someone gets what’s coming to them!

So 3.5 stars to the start of this oddly named start to a series.

filthy Foreign exchangeBlurb: Echo Kelly is loyal to her studies, family, and aerial artistry. She has no time for or interest in anything else, and is heartbroken when her oldest brother, Sebastian, gets accepted to a study-abroad program— exchanging places with cocky, not-at-all-shy foreign exchange student Kingston Hawthorne.

Kingston Hawthorne had the life every twenty-year-old guy dreams of— endless cash, easy women, and fast cars— until his father ripped it all away, shipping him off to the States and placing him temptingly close to the underage virgin who fascinates him in the most challenging of ways.

With Kingston’s bedroom just a connecting bathroom away from Echo’s, the chemistry between them is even more enticing than the notes he leaves for her on the shower door.

How long can you pretend you’re just friends?


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An attractive young couple in a loving embrace kissing one another in bed.


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