Weekend Reviews…

This weekend I was nursing my poor little broken thumb, so typing this is quite the task. However, while I was sitting home letting my boys wait on me (wink wink) I got a little reading done. I read two books from last year that I’ve been meaning to get to and it didn’t put a dent in my TBR. I wish I could take a week off just to scratch off a few more, so without further adieu…

graysonGrayson’s Vow by Mia Sheridan! OMG this book was so good but I love Mia’s stories anyway. She has a way of writing that just draws you in and hooks you (Archer’s Voice) immediately. Grayson Hawthorn was dealt a bad hand. All the things this poor man goes through makes your heart bleed for him but you end up loving him because he tries so hard. He’s a little rough around the edges because of his hard-knock life but also so sweet at his core that you root for him the entire book. His vow is to his a-hole dad and because he wants his approval so bad he does all that  he can to keep his promise. He’s at the breaking point when this sassy twenty-two year old shows up with an offer he can’t refuse.

Kira is amazing, I love her from the second she starts speaking. She is spunky, cute and gives off that “life gives you lemons/lemonade” happy go lucky vibe, however; it’s not to the point of annoying. She has a plan that will make everyone’s life better and although it is a CRAZY AF one it has the potential to work and work out well. And this my friends is where I will stop because everything else is total spoiler worthy. Just know that Kira is the woman, Grayson is the man and Mia gets 5 stars for this one! Purchase it via Amazon here

neverThen I read Never Let You Go by Katy Regnery. Oh. My. God this book was so damn good. I cried then smiled and cried again. I was mad and hurt and felt so much while reading this book needless to say it didn’t fair well for the boys in the house this weekend. So Holden and Griselda meet in foster care when they are 10yrs old. Holden is a small guy and has a stutter…wait a stammer as he calls it. So they are sent to the store and get kidnapped by this total creeper that makes you want to vomit. Reading the “memories” of this time in their lives was so hard for me. I hate abuse and abuse to children is the ultimate worst for me…so be warned. Anywho, this is told from both POVs so here is where the angst comes into play considering they meet 10 years later. I loved Holden from the beginning the depth of his feelings for Griselda was so overwhelming and powerful that you felt his love jumping off the pages of the book…

He paused at the precipice for only a moment before stepping forward into forever, letting go, opening his heart and releasing his body as her name passed his lips and he surrendered to the inevitability that was his deep and eternal love for Griselda.

Now it wouldn’t be complete without some adult drama to stir the pot and with Griselda’s douchebag boyfriend and Holden’s sketchy hook-up girl. I was a little disgusted with Holden’s predicament because it felt a little extra and the way it was handled although honorable was totally not needed for this story. But I will give this bad boy 5 stars nonetheless! So grab this bad boy on Amazon today. It’s the start of a series of STANDALONES



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