Ginger’s Heart…Review

Review: I’ve got to stop reading backward!! What I mean by that is I always seem to find good books after their release. This book wasn’t on my TBR but damn if it shouldn’t have been. I picked this up after falling in love with another book in this series of stand-alones,¬†Never Let You Go, and again..I am so glad I did. This story was apparently inspired by Little Red Riding Hood with the Wolf and the Woodsman.

Cain Wolfram is the town bad boy, all the girls love him and all the guys want to be him. All Cain wants to do is fuck, fix motorcycles and be free…in that order. His one weakness is Ginger McHuid, his friend since he was 6 years old. Cain and his dad live and work on the McHuid farm, something he hates doing but loves spending time with Ginger and his cousin Josiah Woodman.

Josiah and Cain are best friends and cousins and complete opposites. Josiah just wants to make Ginger happy and work on the farm. He’s the town hero, sweet and popular. But poor little Ginger is trapped in the middle. It was fine when they were kids now everyone is all grown up and somebody’s gotta choose. This is where things get good. Ginger loves them both but she loves them differently and the back and forth makes for a great story. I felt Ginger’s pain because I loved both characters for different reason too! This story is told from ALL THREE point of views which I loved but it eventually became exhausting since you end up reading the SAME scenario 2-3 different times. I actually skimmed the dialogue when that happened.

Oh! I almost forgot…there was one scene that was so touching, so emotional and so…just so everything that I cried. Told in three parts this book was so worth it from beginning to end. 5 stars for another Katy Regnery fairytale re-make!

Gingers Heart Teaser 1


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