hollow.2Review: Well that was interesting. Teresa Mummert is one of those authors like Tarryn Fisher, love em or hate em, when you finish reading you are like..wait, what!?!?!

Hollow was no different. It jumps right in with new-to-town Mean Girl, Riley. Hailing originally from Los Angeles she hates everything about her new home in the small town of Hollow Point. I jumped back and forth between loving and hating her which is a good thing in my book. If you are indifferent about a character the author didn’t do their job. Anyway,  I ended up loving her in the end but she was definitely a challenge.

Knox is the male lead of this story and as much as you want to love a bad boy, I didn’t get this guy. I felt like his story didn’t quite fit into this one. Granted he is the main character but his story wasn’t as developed as hers. I never quite got why he was the way he was. Although I loved reading from his POV; his smartass remarks were right on time for Riley’s uppity attitude. They balanced each other and that was enjoyable.

The story itself, in my opinion, wasn’t complete. There wasn’t enough information on Knox for me to get a real feel for him…I kept finding myself saying why is he doing this or that? There were also parts toward the end that I thought would be discussed further that weren’t. I see that this is a series so maybe more we’ll get more answers, so 3.0 stars for this one.


hollowBlurb: Life’s a bitch… but so am I.
When I moved to Hollow Point, Pennsylvania I had a plan. I would do whatever it takes to climb my way to the top of the social ladder, not caring who I had to step on to get there.

The girl who started that rumor about your eating disorder?

That was me.

The girl who made out with your boyfriend?
Me again.

The girl you don’t ever want to cross?
You’re looking at her, bitch.

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